I just recently returned from teaching at a conference, as I do from time to time. And the number one question we were asked was “do you know anyone we can rent this equipment from so we can show this off to the powers to be?” As a matter of fact, I do! (I’ll get to that in a second).

Before we started TripleWide Media, our team was known for it’s live event productions in the Nashville and south east area of the United States. Today, that’s still the same, and we’ve expanded our offerings. The problem was that we never had a good website to explain some of the projects with which we’ve been involved. It brings me great excitement to announce Orange Thread LIVE!

Regardless if you’re wanting to do a triple wide video wall for your next corporate event or conference, or you’re interested in bringing a team of incredibly gifted and creative people to help support your worship services, Orange Thread LIVE is a great resource to check out.

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Orange Thread LIVE and TripleWide Media have the same offices, so it’s somewhat like hiring the experts behind TripleWide Media.


Let us help you with rentals, event design, production support, or helping you create an incredible experience. Our slogan should share a bit of our heart for live events: it’s not an event, it’s an experience.

So let us know how we can help. Jump on over to to check out more. Be aware that our Christmas travel schedule books up quickly, so if you’re interested in us coming to your organization’s Christmas event, let us know sooner rather than later.

Luke McElroy

Author Luke McElroy

Luke McElroy is the founder of Orange Thread Media, the parent company to TripleWide Media, SALT Conferences and Orange Thread LIVE. He is the author of The Wide Guide: Blueprint for the Multiscreen Movement. Hailed as one of the “top innovators for worship” by Worship Leader Magazine in 2013, Luke’s leadership has helped create powerful worship environments for thousands of Church communities throughout the entire world. He currently lives in Nashville, TN and regularly writes about creativity, leadership and faith at 

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