College Worship Service uses Projection to Create Environment.

There’s a ministry right down the road from our offices in Nashville… It’s called Kairos. They meet every tuesday night and it’s nothing short of incredible. They have been able to be foster community among college students and young adults in a unique way. The service is actually led by the senior pastor of the church as well! Every once in a while they do Environmental Projection… mostly for night of worship events which happen about 4-6 times a year. But every christmas they do a special service called “A Kairos Christmas.”

It’s not much different than most churches, but our friend Stephen Proctor helped out last year and was able to capture the worship on his flip. What I love about this and why we wanted to share this here is that it only shows one screen. We have had a lot of fun sharing videos that showcase very elaborate setups with really wide projection, but we haven’t shown any single screen content.

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As many of you know, TripleWide Media actually gives you three sizes with every purchase (Triple-Wide, Double-Wide AND Single-Wide). So we thought it would be fitting to showcase a christmas program that used projection as a backdrop but only used the single-screen versions.

You may not be able to do Environmental or multi-screen this Christmas due to planning, money or volunteer resources… but that doesn’t mean you’re not able to Transform Christmas. In fact, you may have an opportunity to do it better than everyone else.

The truth about Christmas is this… We’re here to celebrate the birth of our Savior. This whole season, this whole “Christmas Spectacle” is about a baby… who came to save the world! That’s what we get to celebrate about… that’s what we get to share with our communities. We don’t need environmental projection, ultra-wide screen or a triple-wide video wall to do it.

What we need is to remember that God has placed us right where we are this Christmas to be the light to our community. That’s how we Transform Christmas… We Transform Christmas by introducing people to this Newborn King!

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So enjoy this video… but remember that Transform Christmas is ultimately about a baby, born in a manger in the town of Bethleham. If we miss this, there’s probably going to be very little “Transformation” in people’s lives this holiday season.

*I need to note that not all of the content used here is available.


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