We’ve been taking a lot of time here on the blog to talk about how to Transform Christmas and the big reason for that is the heart we have to see this community do something different and unique to impact the audiences and congregations that will be reached this month.

However this Christmas we have an opportunity to be Contagious; Contagious with the environments we create and Contagious with the people we interact with.

This is what I call “A Contagious Christmas”

A few months back I was asked to speak to a group of people on ‘the role Visual Worship in the greater American church”. It was a privilege to speak on this topic and enjoyed getting a chance to meet creative pastors, technical leaders and volunteers who serve week in and week out.

I explained that Visual Worship must be four main things: unique, collaborative, excellent and most importantly contagious. When we have those four elements in place we actually have a biblical and a practical application for visuals, media and art in the modern day church. It’s not about entertainment or “flash” it’s about leading people to somewhere they’ve never been before.

So today I have a question for you. What would it look like for us to become contagious people who impact those around us by the way we live and interact? What would it look like this Christmas season for the Church (the GLOBAL Church) to become a contagious environment this Christmas and set our top priority on changing lives?

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It’s going to be much deeper than getting the right Christmas content, regardless of where you get it… it’s going to take you and I turning into the very person of Jesus Christ! It’s really difficult to share my heart and passion for this subject through written form, so I thought it would be fun to share a little snippet of the “contagious” section of this talk on the role of visual worship. I hope this helps.


Regardless if you are a leader, the volunteer or you hold another staff position at a Church this Christmas, I want you to consider what it looks like for you (personally) to become Contagious. What does it look like to make this Christmas special by pouring into the lives of others as you live, lead and share the story of Christmas this year.

I think we have a tremendous opportunity to change lives, to Transform people. This is just one small step toward a true transformation, but it’s the toughest. Contagiousness is an internal battle but one in which the results are seen outwardly.

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