Cathedrals are sacred places aren’t they? What’s unique about them is the amount of incredible richness in each of their images when you project them using Environmental Projection! They have always been some of the more popular images on our site too. It has a lot to do with those exact words; sacred, beauty, majesty. The most amazing part about using a cathedral image in Environmental Projection or multi-screen is that you are able to virtually transport your entire audience and place them in the pews of some of these cathedrals… Talk about sacred! You’re actually bringing history, awe and reverence to them!

So with this mindset today, we thought it would be fun to just see if there was someone doing architectural projection on the front or side of a Cathedral. Since this is somewhat of the new thing to do this year… we didnt have much trouble finding a video on YouTube for you. Best of all… it’s from our friends down under in Sydney, Australia. This is their annual christmas program, but this year it had a twist… projection.

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Take a look at what Sydney did on the front of St. Mary’s Cathedral and enjoy today’s “Cathedral Christmas!”


Only a few days remain in the Transform Christmas campaign and you won’t want to miss what we have in store.  Tomorrow is the final Three-Credit-Thursday… and we’ve saved a great motion for you just in time for Christmas. So come back and check it out, we’ll have all the details right here on the blog or you can be the first to hear about it by following us on Twitter.

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