9 Great Backgrounds for Silent Night

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"Silent Night"

Public Domain (1818)

Silent Night was originally written in 1818 in a small town in Austria. Nearly 200 years later this is still one of the most popular and consistent Christmas songs sung in churches, on movies, and in special events around the world year after year. The words were penned to describe the peace and serenity of the night of Jesus’ birth. Join us as we walk through 9 great backgrounds for Silent Night.

9 Great Backgrounds for "Silent Night"

Silent Night: The Story

One of the most unknown parts of the story of how “Silent Night” came to be penned is what was taking place on the night it was written. On Christmas Eve in 1818 in a small mountain town in Austria, a blizzard stranded the people in the church. So the priest and organist (who also found the organ disabled) began to create a song that could be sung without the need for the organ yet still beautiful enough to express their joy at Christmas. They worked all day and night and upon the midnight hour, “Silent Night” was born. The simple message and melody created a song sung for generations.

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We have gone through our entire collection of content to find the 9 best backgrounds for this song. Traditionally, “Silent Night” is sung at the end of Christmas Eve services with a specific focus on a candlelight element. Playing into that are a few candle options that will work great on single screens, environmental projection, or an edge blend. The other 5 backgrounds chosen are aimed to take you to the night of Jesus’ birth and evoke the spirit and sense of calm and peaceful serenity the songwriters described those many years ago.

As you embark upon the Christmas season and begin to curate media that can amplify the message of this timeless Christmas song, remember the simplicity of that night nearly two centuries ago. Look for media that is simple, yet profound. Clear in it’s message but subtle enough to support the lyrics without overwhelming the song. The above 9 great backgrounds for Silent Night speak directly to this message in a clear and concise manner.

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