Video Mapping with 5 Projectors from 1 Computer.

Our parent company, Orange Thread Media, was asked to bring in some projection and visuals for First Baptist Church Hendersonville’s fall retreat. In doing so, they were able to transform the room with 5 screens using only 1 computer. Much of the content used was even from some of our producers on the TripleWide Media community…. content that you all have access to!

Here is what the room looked like, with Igniter Media’s King Boxes playing.

The setup was pretty simple actually. They used 1 TripleHead2Go, 2 Distribution Amps (which duplicate a VGA signal while powering them to not loose resolution or quality), five 5,000 lumen projectors and  a 1 year old MacBook Pro.

In short, the side environmental projection setup is the same image as the same side triple wide wall projector. I’ve put a diagram below to explain a bit more… But the team took the TripleHead2Go output 1&3 and sent them to separate 1:2 distrobution amplifiers. Each of these outputs were sent to projectors (one to the triple wide wall and one to the environmental projection projector).  Make any sense? This may help:

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What this means is that whatever shows up on screen number 1 on the triple-wide video wall also shows up on the house left environmental projection wall. But, it turned out pretty cool… almost as if the images continued going. However everything projected was a Triplewide image or motion. Here are some pictures from the event:



It was pretty amazing! The visuals were able to engulf the room and for a setup in which there wasn’t much lighting to use, this was able to really create an environment in the room and transform worship. Powerful and bold…

Of course when you have 5 screens and a group full of high school / middle school students, you can’t do something this cool without playing the hottest game in the nation right now… That’s right, you heard it… ANGRY BIRDS!


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