5 People You Need for EP Planning and Execution

5 People You Need for EP Planning and Execution

Setting up your environmental projection team at your church is more than just a couple of video techs creating and curating media to put up on your walls. It’s integral to develop a team that can champion the concept, vision, implementation, and execution of environmental projection in a seamless manner. Here are the 5 people you need for EP Planning and Execution.


Getting leadership on board with creative ideas makes it easier to help create an open environment for creativity in your space. It also helps to ensure that you don’t have to go it alone. There are some great benefits of environmental projection that you can share with your pastor(s) in order to help them understand what can be accomplished with EP. If leadership understands the concept of environmental projection and how it can not only create a dynamic environment but how it can communicate, connect, and bridge the gap between the stage and the congregation will go well beyond a simple understanding of the technology.

Worship Leader

Your worship leader is typically in charge of setting the tone for your weekend services. From music selections, scripture references, and congregation involvement to following and supporting the sermon message, it’s a big task week after week. Your worship leader must be involved in the EP process in order to help lead and direct the team. Each member of your band, tech team, and leadership staff is who your congregation looks to for guidance each week.

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Lighting Tech

We have talked a lot about this before, but always remember that your visuals should match your lighting and vice versa. Lighting is a crucial element to your success with EP. Too much lighting will wash your EP away and too little makes it feel awkward. Find a way to strike this balance. Having your lighting tech as part of your EP team helps them to see the vision and understand the huge role they play in creating this environment.

Video Tech

This might be you or one of the members of your team. Or, this could be a new position you need to add to your lineup. Either way, having a video tech as part of your team is a no brainer. They will be the ones to setup, align, and most likely run the EP system. Make sure they see the concept and how it will become a part of your community. Whether it’s a one-time special event or a permanent installation, your video tech is integral to making it happen.


Finally, we get to the role of curator. This is going to be the person on your team responsible for finding and organizing content for your EP setup. They have arguably the most important job as they need to work in step with each and every person on the team to ensure that the media being displayed matches the message, the tone of the service, enhances and creates that perfect environment. This team member should be one who has an eye for design, understands the role of media and more importantly environmental projection in worship, and excels in their attention to detail.

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