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I have a huge heart and passion for the Church, specifically the local Church. I am well aware that our community reaches beyond the church and into a lot of corporate events, event planners, producers, concerts, tours, etc and I don’t want to alienate those community members. However today’s post is really for the Church Technical leaders.

I was invited by Nicholas Rivero (fellow producer here and good friend of TripleWide Media) to join Mike Sessler and Van Metschke (fellow community member of TripleWide Media) on their weekly church tech podcast called Church Tech Weekly. If you haven’t heard of their podcast yet, you absolutely need to subscribe to it in iTunes. Their format is simple, the first half (sometimes more) is a discussion on a key topic in the Church technical community and followed up by news or product releases that are pertinent to technical leaders.

We had a great discussion about creating an experience, embracing art and using media to tell a visual story. I hope you get a chance to check it out. Very deep discussion wrapped with a lot of philosophy we talk about here on the blog and I share in a lot of the seminars I teach.

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We also poke fun at the fact that Nicholas Rivero is 28 years old… and that’s getting rough. (we actually recorded this past his bedtime… haha).

Here’s the link… Check it out and let us know what you think or if you want to add to the discussion:

Episode 135: 28 is Getting Rough. A discussion with Luke McElroy and Nicholas Rivero about the atmosphere of worship in our Church.

Among many topics, here are some highlights that we discuss:

• Using our space to reflect God’s Glory.
• Telling a visual story
• Creating an authentic vs fake Experience.
• The difference between the Six Flags and Disney Churches.
• How the current generation longs for an environment that communicates something.
• The role we play in the story on sunday morning.
• The relationship between the pastor and the tech guy
• How old Nicholas rivero is and free media 🙂

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For more information on Church Tech Arts, check them out here.

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