2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show: Behind the Scenes

There it is, the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show, viewed by almost 120 million people around the world who tuned in to see Katie Perry become a Star (the more you know link). What made the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show different from any other show this year was it’s use of so much new technology. We were let in on some of the excitement ahead of time, but due to the number of our friends being involved and not wanting them to get fired like the Facebook story that floated around, we decided to keep quiet until the smoke settled.  Here’s a bit of the behind the scenes of the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show:

2015 Superbowl Halftime Show

2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show Projection

The first thing to talk about is the projection; oh my there was a lot of it! All in all there were 90 Barco 26,000 lumen projectors! That’s over 2 Millions Lumens of light… just from PROJECTION! Absolutely insane. The projectors for the 2015 super Bowl halftime show were all edge blended together to fill a projection surface of 18,000 square feet where Katy Perry danced (with sharks mind you) and bedazzled us with a performance to stand the test of time.  Fun fact: only 80 pj’s were in use… they had 10 spares lying around.

2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show Projector

To process the video projections, they used the D3 servers. Based on our insider knowledge they used 8 and had 2 spares. Each of these servers were running four outputs… each output had a datapath X4 on it. If you’re tracking with us the number of total outputs is 128. This is so they had extra lines running to each of the sets of projectors. That’s a lot of DataPath X4’s and a lot of Cable. (48,000 of fiber).

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There’s no question that the star of the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show was Katy Perry, but close behind her was the Projection. Well done!


2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show Content

Next, we look at the content of the show. If there’s one thing we know from curating a library of over 7000 pieces of media from producers all around the world, it’s this: Content is where the story lives and the experience is born.

Content is where the story lives and the experience is born.

Katy Perry brought in Baz Halpin, legendary creative designer for live events, to help her shape the performance of the 2015 super bowl halftime show, who normally used Geodezik. However that’s not who actually did the content for 2015. It was a company called Lightborne, who recently provided graphics for Katy Perry’s Prismatic tour. We have to say they did a fantastic job!

Not every project needs custom content. In fact it can get expensive to reinvent the wheel when the wheel has already been invented. Here are a few pieces of media from our library that aren’t that different from the content used in the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show.

Neon Blue & Yellow Zig Zag Pattern by VJ Loops

Fireworks by Kreativity

Galaxy Blue Green by LifeScribe Media

Glowing Neon Color Bars by VJ Loops

Rainbow String Spectrum by VJ Loops

2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show Lighting

In the opening scene of the show, we see a lit collection of what seem to look like beach balls, but with an LED light in them arranged in the logo of Pepsi. This was a great way to open the show, and then a great way to show off a very neat piece of technology by GlowMotion created 516 lighted “orbs” that were controlled wirelessly to create a variety of LED designs during the 2015 halftime show. Lighted Orbs for Super Bowl Halftime Show

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The company behind the halftime show lighting design was Tribe Inc with renown lighting designer Bruce Rodgers in the designers chair. The company with the equipment? PRG. For those nerds like us, here’s the list of all the equipment at the 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show:


2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show In Pictures

In true TripleWide Media style, we wanted to leave you with some great pictures of the setup and the coveted timelapse video of the stage setup. Enjoy!











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  • matt says:

    Hi there. Bob Barnhart of Full Flood, Inc was the lighting designer. Bruce Rodgers was the scenic designer.

    Super Bowl Halftime Show Lighting Crew
    Bob Barnhart, Lighting Designer
    David Grill, Lighting Director
    Pete Radice, Lighting Director
    Jason Rudolph, Lighting Director
    Tony Ward, Gaffer
    David Serralles, Best Boy
    Dean Brown, Best Boy
    Joe Faretta, Best Boy
    Paul Bell, Best Boy
    Keith Berkes, Lead Spot op
    Tim Altman, Lead Spot op
    John Warburton, Lead Spot op
    George Sennefelder, Lead Spot op
    Robb Minnotte, Project Maneger
    Jeff Anderson, Lead Tech
    Matt Geneczko, Lead Tech
    Chris Conti, Lead Network Tech
    Quinn Smith, Arc Light spot Tech
    Alex Ward, Fiber Switch Supervisor

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