12 Visuals for Noel to help tell the story

12 visuals for Noel


Chris Tomlin, feat. Lauren Daigle (2015)

12 visuals for Noel. The song, Noel, by Chris Tomlin, feat. Lauren Daigle, is one of the most popular Christmas songs this season. Behind it’s strong melody are lyrics that dig deep into the true story of Christmas. As we look at what you can do visually for Noel, we have come up with 12 amazing pieces of media that we believe will help you tell the story this song reveals.

12 Pieces of Media to Display "Noel"

Message Over Media

Looking at the lyrics to this song, it’s important to remember our message over media mantra. The pieces of content you choose to display should support that message. They need to speak into it and help draw people in without being a distraction. Some great options above include subtle motion, starts, manger scenes, and the journey to Bethlehem.
Stars and angels give the sign; bow to babe on bended knee; the Savior of humanity; unto us a Child is born; He shall reign forevermore.” As you listen to the song, you’ll notice that it builds.  Take the opportunity to add more energy and ebb and flow with the song by increasing the speed of your clips to match the energy level or layer more stars over the top. We chose 12 visuals for Noel in hopes to show you great options and guide you towards visuals that speak to the message.
The word Noel speaks to the birth or relating to birth so that’s where the symbolism and visuals of the manger and nativity come into play. Look at visuals that speak directly and indirectly to this. Visuals that showcase the atmosphere can also play into this really well.
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