12 Graphics to help you Visualize Holy Week

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12 Graphics to help you Visualize Holy Week

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday which ushers in the arrival of Christ. Thousands of churches across the country and around the world will celebrate with palm branches, dramatizations, environmental projection depictions, and multimedia experiences to help share this part of the story and usher in the coming of the King. From there the week turns somber and reflective with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Finally, the celebration erupts on Easter Sunday as we proclaim the glorious resurrection of the King!

We wanted to help you get amazing motions and stills that would help visualize the emotions and events of Holy Week while enabling your members, visitors, and guests to join in and experience the environments being created. Below are 12 graphics to help your visualize Holy Week. These are not meant to be all encompassing, but a great road map to walk through the week and begin to put together your media to support the greater story.

If you are looking for more media, click here to view the Vantage Points of Easter as we celebrate the resurrection!

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Palm Sunday Visuals

Palm Sunday should be a great moment of Celebration for the church. While the darkness of Good Friday looms, Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday. It was a time of triumphant celebration. The excitement of the coming of the King that was foretold in scripture was upon the people. Embrace that celebration and speak to the moment with visuals that help create and atmosphere that matches the tone and anticipation of Palm Sunday.

Maundy Thursday Visuals

As Jesus spent time washing his disciples feet, eating with them, and in prayer, Maundy Thursday is a time of preparation and solitude for Christ. Even in the presence of his followers, he spent this time in anguish with the knowledge and understanding of what He was about to endure. From the betrayal to the agony of the cross, Jesus understood what he must endure. He asked the Father to take this cup, but ultimately pressed on towards the cross.

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Visuals for Good Friday

From the Cross to the Tomb, Good Friday is a moment to create pause and reflection. Walk your congregation through this day and press into the price that was paid. Visuals of the cross, the tomb, the burial, etc. create a powerful moment for those you will encounter on Good Friday.

Easter Sunday Visuals

If you thought Palm Sunday was a celebration, then you ain’t seen nothing yet! Easter Sunday is the moment to embrace a big environment and declare the Glory of the Risen King. Your media should reflect this celebration with bright colors, energy, and motion that points towards the heavens as an outward reflection of the praise taking place.

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