Environmental Projection Mapping with 11 Projectors.

Over the past couple of days we have discovered on twitter a few great multi-screen setups. It seems to be the trend this year that Churches are really starting to test out some triple-wide screen setups, architectural projection or enviornmental projection. Of course, we love this.. We love seeing churches use the visual to express their adoration to our Lord in worship. So, we decided we would do our best to highlight some of these setups and share a little about what was going on.

This set up is from Mark Hanna who is the Video Control Director Hope Community Church in Raleigh, NC. Last week they did a production of Willow Creek’s Imagine.

Mark explained to me that he used 11 projectors to make this room come to life. Yes, I did type eleven correctly! He said they used 3 edge-blended for the left wall, 3 edge-blended for the right wall, 3 for the stage, and on top all of that, 2 for IMAG (cameras). Phew, talk about a TripleWide Christmas!!

He grabbed a couple of pieces of content from TripleWide Media along with a few other great producers and made it an evening to remember.

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Make sure to check out his blog for all the details. Thanks Mark for sending this!

If you have an event or screen setup that used multi-screen technology, send them to submit@articles.triplewidemedia.com. We would love to showcase your organization on our blog as well!

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