Using the Cross as a Focal Point for Easter

When it comes to preparing a new easter setup and finding ways to display the cross that will take your congregation to a deeper level of transformation, sometimes creativity can feel strained. The story of easter is so familiar that it’s hard to come up with yet another way to tell the same story. We’ve all be there, and that’s why we’re here to help! If you’re still in the the development stage of what your main inspiration or focus will be this easter, take a look at our Elevating the EP Experience: Broken & Beautiful blog that helps with giving the easter story a new perspective.

Regardless of what your focus ends up being, the image of the cross will probably come up in your set up at some point. It is the cornerstone of our faith, and the reminder of a strengthening love. So we’ve decided to get some ideas flowing for you, and show you 7 unique ways you can display the cross.

1) Motion Graphics

As much as motion graphics may seem seem like a given when you’re already planning to do an environmental projection setup, it’s still important to know why you would choose motions over another form of media or display. Motion graphics make symbols like the cross feel immersive and real time. No other display or media that we’ll list here can do this. It’s a powerful tool, and being intentional with which pieces you choose will make a world of a difference. In one piece of media you can allow the congregation to go from the contemplative stage to the revelation/transformative stage in just a couple moments.


The Cross | Vantage Points


2) Still Images

Remember that A picture says a thousand words. Briefly staying in the realm of environmental projection, still images are also a great way to effect the cross. Still images have the power to keep people focused on a specific message. There are a lot of motions and different elements you can add to your EP set up to create a desired vibe, but for the most part, regardless of your efforts, everything is pretty much up for interpretation. The power of still images is that it allows you to get the congregation to focus in on a specific image with specific message. There’s very little room for the focus to be lost, as long as you make the image your focal point, and every other element is just a complement to the picture.

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3) LED Boxes

Another great and creative way to display the cross at your easter services is to use LED boxes. LED boxes can be used for a multitude of different things. We’ve mentioned them before as great stage design props that if you wanted to save a bit of money, you could DIY (Do it yourself). If you’re interested in that project, below is a quick slide show of #TripleWideTalk session we had a while back on Facebook.

But this time around we are suggesting that you can stack LED boxes on top of each other and piece them together to make a pretty sick  cross display. Give it a try! The tech team over at SALT Community did the one you’ll see below for their annual SALT Conference, i’ll let you be the judge of how great you think that looks.

Overall, it was actually a pretty simple setup. Using basic LED strip tape, the team created a ton of these individual squares that were placed together on the cross frame. Each square contained LED strip tape with power and signal lines. This was a basic LED tape, so no color control, but for this cross display, the simplicity of the white light was perfect. The front of the square was a white muslin type fabric stapled to the frame.


4) LED Strip Tape

The next solution we suggest is using LED strip tape on crosses your church may currently have already, or on crosses that you can put together yourself! This could save you money while embellishing the room in subtle ways. This allows the cross to be an accent to your focal point i.e. motions, graphic, lighting, etc. It can also exist as the focal point/center piece; depending on how elaborate your church set up usually is. This is especially a great way to introduce intricate setups to your church if this isn’t usually something that you all do. Church stage design Ideas does a great job at giving you a step by step on how to create this look. Check it out here.

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The Cross LED Strip Tape

5) LED Light Rope

Slightly different from LED strip tape is LED  light rope. Instead of just accenting the edges of the cross, you could also make it possible that the entire cross become a beacon of light. By creating another cross with different wooden pieces and tying the light rope onto the wooden frame, you can create beautiful glowing cross. If you’re interested in trying this, or seeing how this works, we’ve got a great video tutorial for you to watch here as well.

6) LED Panels

With LED panels you can use these elements to be the actual material you use to create the cross. Salt Community also tried this for another one of their SALT conferences.

The Cross LED panel

7) Loop Of Resurrection

Lastly, there is the loop of resurrection; or as we like to call it here at Triplewide, zip tie Jesus. The Loop Of Resurrection was made in Berlin and Orange County by SVA. Now although this isn’t a direct display of the cross, the power of the image remains the same. This type of sculpture is just a different vantage point of the cross that is used to remember what was one for us at Calvary. Ideas like this are a great way to ensure engagement of the congregation with your overall message and vantage point of your easter set up.

We hope that these suggestions were helpful to you, and that these ideas willl kickstart some creative brainstorming list that will help you cultivate the ultimate easter experience. If at any point you have questions about your easter preparations, send us an email to see if there is anything we can do for you!

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