Transforming Christmas Tips – Throwback Thursday

Transforming Christmas Tips

We have put out a lot of articles on environmental projection, multiscreen, Christmas ideas, and more. One of our best series was from Luke when we went through 7 Transforming Christmas Tips for making Christmas services and events truly remarkable. From projection ideas, to story telling, take a look at the tips below and how they can help you transform your Christmas.

Whether you want to make it snow indoors, create a more intimate environment for your Christmas eve service, or create a stunning visual story, these 7 tips will help take your dreams from ideas to reality this Christmas.

Transforming Tip #1: Outdoor Projection

Transforming Tip #2: Making it Snow Indoors

Transforming Tip #3: Using Projection as a Theatrical or Digital Backdrop

Transforming Tip #4: Creating Intimacy

Transforming Tip #5: Paper to Production (Planning Your Christmas Event)

Transforming Tip #6: Environmental Projection as an Accent

Transforming Tip #7: Using Dynamics to Create a Visual Story


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