Top 5 Books for Church Creatives

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Top 5 Books for Church Creatives

I love books. I love taking the opportunity to read books from trusted sources and see what ideas, insights, and opportunities they present. Unfortunately, I think books have taken a backseat in today’s 24/7 culture of information. From Facebook and Twitter to cable TV and 24-hour news networks, books are falling at the wayside.

We believe that great art, creativity, and innovation comes from education, improvement, and increased knowledge. Learning new techniques, debating new ideas, and gleaning insight from others are great ways to grow in your craft.

Let’s take a look at our list of the Top 5 Books for Church Creatives.

Gary Molander – Pursuing Christ. Creating Art 

“It’s not about the art. It’s never been about the art. It’s about the God who has called some to be artists, inviting them to create works of beauty which, in turn, invite the world to see the Unseen.”  [Ref.]

Pursuing Christ. Creating Art is a great book for church creatives struggling between faith and creativity. Gary expands on the idea that many men and women in the church struggle in finding the balance. If you’re struggling with this journey, then this book is a great place to start.



Erwin McManus – The Artisan Soul

The Artisan Soul is a “manifesto for human creativity and the beginning of a new renaissance.” [Ref.]

In his book, McManus shows the reader ways to turn our lives into a piece of art. Believing that everyone has the spirit of an artist inside themselves, he shows how our spiritual journey can reveal our true identity. He calls us to create something; to add beauty and truth to the world.

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This is not a simple journey. It takes time, effort, and patience. It’s a process that needs to be developed on its own timeline for each individual. A timeline and story uniquely written by God.


Blaine Hogan – Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process

“The blank page.

It has so much power.”  [Ref.]

The blank page may be one of the most exciting and terrifying places for any artist to be. It’s a place full of hopes, dreams, and wonders. It’s also a place of fear, unease, and the unknown. The blank page keeps people from starting their creative journey at all.

Hogan walks the reader through the creative process to overcome the blank page and see it through to the finish line.



Jonathan Malm – Created for More

“Are you compartmentalizing God?

If you ever feel like your times spent praying or trying to read the Bible are disconnected from the rest of your day, you need this book.”  [Ref.]

Malm combines daily scriptures, devotional readings, and ideas to challenge your creativity. This 30-day devotional guide will help all creatives and artists change the way you think about your life, your career, and more.


Christine Kreisher – The Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting. Start Retaining.

Christine first debuted to our team at Salt Nashville and we were blown away.

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If you coordinate, lead, work with, or schedule volunteers, you know the challenges of retaining great volunteers. It’s hard enough to find awesome volunteers, but keeping them is another story. This book introduces 4 strategies that, when applied, will eliminate your need for recruiting new volunteers. Learn how to turn volunteers into dedicated teammates, leaders, and friends. Your volunteers will love what they do so much, they’ll bring you new volunteers.



Bonus – Technology Book (The Wide Guide)

The Wide Guide comes to you directly from Luke McElroy the founder of TripleWide Media.

In a generation where technology has never been more affordable, content never more accessible and creativity seemingly endless, The Wide Guide exposes all the secrets to multiscreen video production. Expert and author Luke McElroy, beautifully illustrates (literally) all the tips and tricks of setting up multiscreen video displays and shows you the tools needed in order to look and feel like an expert yourself. This is a must have for any production freelancer, creative producer or stage designer.


Coming Soon! Environmental Projection: Creating Visually Sacred Space – Stay Tuned for Updates!



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