The next big idea to Transform Christmas?

By September 29, 2014Transform Christmas


Who on your team will have that great idea?

We did a post a few months back on How to Curate Great Ideas. It’s a topic of conversation that is ever evolving and changing. Every day there are new platforms and formats to storing information. Every day we are bombarded with information on social media, news outlets, websites, and in our daily interactions (when the phones finally get put down for a minute.)

Honestly, I believe it’s in those moments of pause, that we can truly find great ideas.

So, who are the typical idea people on your team, the entrepreneurs, the “creatives” that everyone is looking at for the answers so that the doers can put the pieces of the puzzle together?

But what about the doers? Have you ever asked those not typically coming up with new ideas on your team for their input on creative ideas and techniques? If I’ve learned anything from my time as an operations manager, it’s that there is almost always more than one way to accomplish something.

Your tech team, your volunteers who pour out their time and effort week after week may have some killer ideas that they’ve never had the opportunity or the courage to share. Take some time today to bring your entire team together and dream. Take each idea and write it down; store it so you can flush out the concept later.

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Obviously not every idea will work, but you never know until you’ve heard the idea and spent time working through the concept.

So, who has the next big idea that will truly Transform Christmas for your community? Let us know your thoughts and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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