LED Strip Tape and Stage Design

LED Strip tape provides an amazing amount of flexibility and creative freedom. Due in part to its relatively low cost, ease of use, and literal flexibility, it makes stage designs that seemed out of reach in the past for many to be a viable option for most.

What’s more, LED strip tape can be incorporated into most of your existing stage designs. If you are looking at a typical stage setup with scenic pieces, video components, and lighting or trussing systems, you can see how many design options exist. The sky is the limit.

SALT-production-2LED strip tape comes in a couple of basic types, for simplicity sake, we’ll just list them as monochromatic and RGB. Monochromatic tape, most widely available in white, is the most basic type. Adding a simple dimmer allows you to run shapes and patterns across it using ether a lighting or video system. We have seen and done both. Whether you go the lighting or video route depends on your ultimate goals and availability of technology and user knowledge.

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RGB tape allows for multiple colors to be run through the system, such as single solid colors, patterns, or even video contr. When using video content and some lighting patterns you must keep your contrast as high as possible and avoid gradients as those will not translate as well…similar to LED video walls.

So, how can you corporate this into your stage design? Basically, cut and paste. Of course there is more to it than that, but the great part of strip tape is that you can simple cut it to length and literally tape it to your surfaces. Any custom set pieces can be lined with tape, translucent tubes can be illuminated, and designs can be achieved with the tape.  Then, using the control systems included with your purchase, you can begin connecting, wiring, and programming your LED strip tape.

Have you thought about incorporating LED Strip Tape into your stage design? Have you already added LED strip tape to your setup? Send us your questions and setups and we’ll do our best to feature your work, give you ideas, and curate media for your needs. Email us at [email protected]

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