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The smell of peppermint, the melodic sounds of bells and Christmas music all coupeled with great conversation with family or friends… that’s what makes Christmas so beautiful. You see, Christmas is right around the corner and I don’t write that to add stress from a marketing perspective, but to give you relief.

Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year for most people. Financial stress. Family Stress and sometimes even the lurking stress of business/work deadlines. But it wasn’t designed to be like that. Sometimes I wonder if we overthink Christmas and make it into the chaotic thing that it is without purpose. I believe that Christmas is designed to be simple.

One of my favorite Steve Jobs quote’s on the topic of excellence is this:

“Excellence is more about the removal of, rather than addition. You don’t make a work of art more beautiful by adding more but by taking all the non-essential away.”

It’s about the removal of… I wonder as we enter this Transform Christmas season how many in our community don’t need an over the top experience as much as they need to be reminded of the heart of Christmas, the Prince of Peace has arrived.

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Making This year a Simple Christmas

Over the course of the next month we’re going to throw a lot of various ideas and concepts at you, to equip, to resource and to inspire you. Before we get started, I just wanted to throw out an idea that I’m seeing many organizations consider for their Christmas events… the idea of being simple. Raw. Authentic.

Maybe for you, Simple Christmas is the idea of just doing a candlelight service with one or two graphics of candles on the screen.

Maybe for you, Simple Christmas is just the idea of using media for one core element instead of everything.

Maybe Simple Christmas for you is single screen instead of multiscreen.

Maybe simple is turning it all off.


I don’t know how that translates to your world… but I would love for us to consider the idea that Christmas isn’t about projection, stock content and moving backgrounds. It’s about the simple beauty that the Savior of the World is coming. His mere existence is the greatest gift we’ve ever been offered. So maybe it’s time for us to use media that speaks a concise emotion and feeling to help people recenter this year for Christmas.

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Maybe it’s time for a Simple Christmas.


Simple Christmas Media

Snow Falling (Slow) | TripleWide Media Christmas Stars on Red Sky | TripleWide Media Christmas Lights 3 | TripleWide Media

Holy Night Stars | TripleWide Media Beginning | TripleWide Media Christmas Forest Blue


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