SALT’16: Enhancing Without Distracting

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SALT 16 Conference: Enhancing Without Distracting

We don’t believe creativity is designed to merely enchant or attract. We believe that creativity can also be a vehicle for life change. To elaborate on that idea let me give you some background.

The vision of the SALT conference started several years ago, with a question, “What would the local church of today look like if we got rid of the entertainment and theatrics?” Would we lose our audience, would the church goer disengage, would a lost person show up….would God be less present?

To answer that question, we looked to the churches of old, the cathedrals built 100s of years ago. Those churches didn’t have projectors, pixels or pro-presenter; They didn’t have Hillsong or Passion but what they did have was a story. A story that transcended time, age, and technology. A story that was told on the walls and in the grand halls.

Told on the walls and in the grand halls…..that was the answer. The gospel becomes real to people through the story. Our lights, sounds, and visuals should enhance, edify and build up the gospel. Not detract from the story. They are there to help TELL the story not BE the story.

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So as we count down for SALT16, starting on Wednesday October 12th- October 14th, 2016,  we are keeping that very concept in mind. In a generation where success is measured in doing MORE…more lights, more drama, more production, doing MORE only proves to add more pressure, be more draining and more disengaged. Doing more shouldn’t be the definition of our excellence…doing more should be the posture of our heart.

Like Luke McElroy stated in his book, Environmental Projection, It’s easy to have “The whole entertainment and spiritual depth [concept] all messed up,” (McElroy 25). However, we need to resist the temptation to use these blessings and advantages of modern technology as a focal point for distraction, and instead use these technologies as enhancing tools.

With all that in mind, the SALT16 conference will be touching on topics just like this one, among many others. TripleWide Media is excited to be joining the #SALT16 conversation on social media next week, and will be highlighting moments throughout the event, while also sharing some awesome media tips! So check out our following social media pages below to stay updated on it all! 

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