ProPresenter Multiscreen Module

When looking into mutliscreen or environmental projection there’s almost always a question about lyrics, control, confidence monitors, stage display and more. What can you put on the center screen versus side screens? Can you only put lyrics center or on all the screens?

Let’s take a look at answering a few of these questions with the Multiscreen Module for ProPresenter from the team at Renewed Vision. Be sure that you have your TripleHead2Go or DualHead2Go setup and working before testing/using the multiscreen module to ensure proper configuration. (Please note, we no longer sell the TripleHead2Go. Here’s a great option for purchase from Amazon.)

Do you need the multiscreen module for a simple EP setup?

No, you can mark your output to match the size you need when you output to a Matrox TripleHead2Go (or DualHead2Go.) There are some limitations as one can imagine. The biggest limitation would be in having to do a ton of manual work in order to display your different layers where you need them to be, when you want them to be there.

You’ll need to manually create text boxes for where your side screens are, setup custom masks, insert and resize motions, graphics, etc. The time involved for one song let alone a regular practice is not practical. Hence the introduction of the multiscreen module.

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What does the Multiscreen Module give you?

Control and Flexibility. It seems simple, but that’s really what you’re getting.

Control – as you should be aware, the power of ProPresenter is in its layering structure. The use of layer enables the user to assign different items to different layers such as backgrounds, masks, live video, slides, props, etc. When you;re looking at a multiscreen setup with lyrics, motion graphics, live video, masks, and more, you need to be able to control it quickly and accurately.

Multiscreen Commands – one item that the module has it a multiscreen commands option. This will give you on the fly control to change settings for turning on and off Text on left, center, or right screens, tiled background, etc. These shortcuts will help you make seamless transitions within ProPresenter.

Flexibility – while control is great, having flexibility in your options can be even more helpful. Layers can be setup to show across all three screens or one screen, left, right, etc. The only limitation is DVD (can only be on one screen…a limit of DVDs…I don’t know, something about copyright laws.)

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Try it before you buy it

ProPresenter can be downloaded as a fully functioning software that is just watermarked for testing purposes. Additionally, all of the modules are available for a watermarked demo as well. This can be added for within the application. Simply go to Preferences and the Modules tab – click on Demo Modules. (Note that this will put your software into a watermarked version.) Once your done with your demo, either purchase the module or click the demo button again to turn it off.

When have you run into a situation to truly be creative and think outside the box when it comes to using the multiscreen module? Share pics on Facebook or Instagram!

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  • Daniel Waters says:

    The church I attend wants to upgrade from a single projector/screen to a triplewide setting.. But what is the difference between the Multi Sceen Module and the Edge Blending Module? The current preference is to have one ‘big giant triple wide screen’, but which one of these modules do you need for this?

    • Daniel, that’s a great question. You could need both…but maybe not. It really depends on how your room is setup and what you want to accomplish. Will it be more of an environmental projection setup, lyrics incorporate, how many projectors being used, etc. etc. Feel free to drop me a line with those details and maybe a pic of your space and I can help you get it figured out! [email protected]

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