Projecting Snow this Christmas

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Projecting Snow This Christmas


Projecting Snow is a great way to create a festive winter or Christmas environment. Whether you’re looking to create a winter wonderland of snow in your church or add some Christmas spirit to the front of your house, snow projection can be a great way to accomplish that this Christmas.


Projecting Snow is simple, easier than creating fake snow, and more reliable than seeing if you’ll in fact get a white Christmas.


Here are 4 great ideas for Projecting Snow this Christmas!

1. Environmental Projection

One of my favorite uses in projecting snow is Environmental Projection. In order to create a winter wonderland indoors, you’ll need some tools for environmental projection. Once those are in place, it’s easy to transform your room into a scenic winter landscape. This is great for special Christmas events, youth or children’s services, and Christmas Eve services to envelop your congregation in the Christmas spirit.


2. Single Screen Backgrounds

Snow, whether realistic or abstract, can be great to use as motion backgrounds for your Christmas services. I like projecting snow to songs light Silent Night, Noel, or other traditional Christmas tunes. It helps to bring the closeness of the season to the atmosphere and moves people in a special way.


3. House Projection

If you’re looking for an option that takes you a bit away form church, you could consider projecting snow on your house. The best part of projecting on your house, is that it really doesn’t take a whole lot to accomplish this. With a decent projector, a computer, and a simple presentation software, you can share the wonder of Christmas with your family and neighbors.


4. Projecting Snow Outside or in the Lobby

Atmosphere begins as soon as people show up. From the ease (or not) of parking, to entryways and lobby’s, creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and reflects the service about to take place is important. With a few ultra-short throw projectors and a presentation software, you can transform your lobby into a winter scene with simple projection on your walls, doors, and windows. Lobby’s are great places to incorporate set design to provide places for interaction.


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