Preparing your Tech Team for Easter Weekend

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Preparing your Tech Team for Easter Weekend

There are plenty of items to put together for your Easter weekend services. We are highlighting 4 key items when preparing your tech team for Easter weekend. These items are for your tech teams. Beyond finding the right songs or putting together your media, you’ll need to ensure your team is ready for one busy weekend.

The team that you prepare for the next few weeks of planning, rehearsals, and execution are in for a busy stretch. Tensions will run high, stress will creep up, attention spans will drift, and the event will still happen. Being able to see that event happen and having the opportunity to see a job well done, lives changed, and the story told well means you need to set your team up for success. We have 4 big keys to prepare your team for your upcoming Easter services.

1 – Set Expectations

In my nearly 20 years of serving on church tech teams as a volunteer, the most frustrating element year over year is a lack of communication in regards to expectations. As a leader, you need to set expectations for your team. Whether you have a fully staffed paid team or run entirely on a skeleton staff of volunteers, people need to know what is expected of them. Setting expectations enables those on your team to prepare for their role and level of involvement.

2 – Schedule Your Team

Easter is a big weekend for many people in and outside the church. People leave town, family visits, vacations take place…etc. etc. For your tech teams, especially those that run on volunteers, having a schedule can help people plan accordingly. Schedule your team now in order to avoid last minute changes and conflicts down the road. There’s nothing worse than having to scramble last minute in order to accommodate travel plans you weren’t aware of. It also allows you to clearly communicate who is doing what so there is no questions or confusion on who is running cameras, video ops, etc.

3 – Invest in your Team

Regardless of whether you have a paid team or rely on volunteers, investing in your team is critical to success. It doesn’t mean you need to dole out bonuses or begin paying your volunteers, but it does mean you need to find ways to show your team the value they bring. Investing in your team can mean added training and growth opportunities, provide gear upgrades as needed and necessary, and curate an environment of encouragement. A simple way is to love on your team well especially during Easter weekend. If you are going to be asking a lot of folks … i.e. time away from family, long days, late nights… then take time to have meals for folks, extra coffee that folks really like (more than just keeping a pot on) and snacks to keep them fueled.

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4 – Celebrate with your Team

Four weeks from today, Easter 2018 will be but a memory. Most likely you and your team (hopefully) will have Monday off. Once all is said and done and your team is back to normal, schedule a time to celebrate a job well done. A nice meal, a picnic at the park, or anything that brings your team together to celebrate and have fun will create a continued atmosphere of community and togetherness that will remind your team the value that you see in them.

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