5 Steps for Preparing for Easter

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Preparing for Easter | TripleWide Media

5 Steps for Preparing for Easter

Every year we get tons of questions on leading teams, preparing for events like Easter, and folks looking for inspiration on creative stage designs and setups.

Preparing for Easter Step #1 – Plan

The first thing you need to do to when preparing for Easter is to plan. This may start with a blank sheet of paper, an empty presentation template, or a schedule of volunteer positions that need to be staffed. Regardless of the tasks that need to be accomplished, there are two main things you need to do do establish your plan.

First, write it down. You are going to talk to a ton of people, comb through hundreds of ideas, and look at an amazing amount of music, content, and dialogue. The worst thing you can do is try and keep all of this information in your head. Keeping notes organized will help you immensely. Your team members will have questions. You yourself will probably have your own questions. The best way to be able to answer these questions with certainty is to have them written down.

Second, bounce ideas off of others. Whether it’s your tech/creative team, pastors, friends, or colleagues find someone with whom you can discuss your ideas. The old saying that “two heads are better than one” is incredibly relevant here. If you’re a one person show, there’s always someone you can seek out for help.

If you’re looking for some places to be inspired, I recommend checking out a few of these.

  1. Social Media – I’m sure you are on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more, but if not, create an account today and follow some creatives. Search within the apps for relevant hashtags or terms like creativity, design, environmental projection, and more.
  2. Facebook Groups – There are a ton of great Facebook groups out there curated questions, comments, ideas, and articles on literally every subject. Some of the ones we are a part of include Church Communications, Visual Church Media, and VJ Forum, etc.
  3. Blogs – Outside of right here at TripleWide Media, there are some amazing blogs on creativity. Take a look at ProChurch Tools, Church Stage Design Ideas, SundayMag, or The Creative Pastor for great ideas.
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Preparing for Easter Step #2 – Communicate

The communication step is more than simply discussing your ideas and strategy. This is where you take your written plan from step one and clearly communicate it to your entire team. I have always found that services and other events go much more smoothly when all the details are communicated to the team. And the biggest flops have come when someone didn’t provide the necessary information to those that need the information.

Preparing for Easter Step #3 – Practice

Even in the simplest setups, things can go wrong. Practice allows you to prepare your team for any issue that can come up. But more than that, it gives your team the chance to know the service so well, that if something does go wrong during the production, they’ll be able to get back on course.

Spend time going over the big transitions, testing new production elements, and allowing your artists, musicians, techs, and creatives to see the entire production in order to evaluate if any changes or tweaks need to be made. It’s hard to make big changes on the fly.

Preparing for Easter Step #4 – Execute

After all your planning preparing for Easter is complete, it’s time to execute your Easter production. There are two things I always tell our teams when we go into a production.

First, be present. Sometimes it’s the distraction of a cell phone or social media. Other times you have a tech who becomes so overwhelmed with a piece of technology that they miss the moment. As much as you’re creating for your congregation and guests, it’s truly important to create an atmosphere that allows your team to engage and be present.

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Second, remember what your role is for the event. I’ve seen it too many times with folks who are distracted making sure others complete their assignments and end up missing their own cue. Trust your production manager to keep things running smoothly. That being said, remember you’re all on the same team with the same goal in mind. So, it’s ok to look out for one another, just be sure you don’t miss something yourself.

Preparing for Easter Step #5 – Evaluate

I worked in event management for about 10 years and during that time we executed thousands of events. From small gatherings to sell out concerts. We spent a lot of time in planning, prep, and setup for events, but once the event ended we were quick to move on to the next one.

I get it, it’s a big relief once the pressure is off. But, I urge you not to miss this moment. Communicate up front to your team what you’d like to do in order to evaluate. Maybe you need to meet right after your services to get instant feedback. Perhaps for your team you can have a scheduled follow up meeting to spend some time looking over the event. (If you go this route, having some food on hand will go a long ways towards getting more active participation.)


Are you preparing for Easter? Shoot us an email to see if there is anything we can do for you!

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