The Power of Alignment Grids

In any production environment, your video elements need to be setup properly. We use alignment grids and test patterns for each setup we do. From environmental projection to LED, utilizing test patterns will enable you to craft that perfect environment. In order to get the most out of test patterns, you need to ensure you have pixel accurate alignment grids. That’s just what we have released!

We have even included options to help you dial in your cameras to get the best production setup you can make. Utiilize any and all of these test patterns in your environments!

Here you have it, 8 sets of alignment grids to help you perfect your video setup.

  • Backfocus Grid
  • Blend Grid
  • Focus
  • Green Card
  • Horizontal Grey Bars
  • Horizontal Color Bars
  • Vertical Color Bars
  • White Card

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Projector alignment is a necessity in the multiscreen community, so we decided to give away some test patterns for free! Just click here for the free content.

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