Neon Tube 03 from DizArt Studio for 75% OFF!

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Are you looking for another high energy motion background for your summer events? Take a look at today’s Three Credit Thursday from DizArt Studio! Neon Tube 03 is available today for just 3 Credits*! This is a fast, high energy tunnel loop that will add hype and crank up your environment.



DizArt Studio provided this week’s Three Credit Thursday deal! Take a look at their full catalog here.

Vj Yarkus with DizArt Studio provides a wide range of services: projection mapping show creation, design, and video content. We work towards exceeding the expectancies of the customer. Each project is unique in its execution and most fully meets needs of our customers.

Provided By: DizArt Studio

Stock Media Producer - DizArt Studio

A big thanks for our friends at DiaArt Studio for today’s Three Credit Thursday special!


*SD Version only…upgrade to HD for just 5 credits!

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