LED: The Possibilities are Endless


LED: The Possibilities are Endless

If you’re anything like me, you love to try something new. Whether that’s a new song, a new setup, or a new technology,  the options are boundless these days. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I get a new piece of gear and am able to implement it really well into our environment.

One of the most versatile pieces of technology today is LED. Whether that’s LED walls, LED strip tape, or other LED elements, the possibilities are endless. You have the ability to take individual pixels of light and color and manipulate their placement in a way that projection just can’t compete.

If you read one of our previous posts on LED, you know that brightness, versatility and cost are just 3 of the many reasons to choose LED for you production needs. LED removes the boundaries placed on you by projection solution. I mean, take some LED outside during the day and place it next to double stacked 20k projectors. There will be no contest in terms of brightness and clarity in daylight.

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LED Shapes

With the flexibility of LED technology, including strip tape, you can create virtually any shape you want simply by bending and connecting the right number of pixels together. Create a ball and 360 degree map the earth across its surface. Outline the stage design for your next musical with LED strip tape to create focal points and dizzying effects. Think outside the box of a typical screen surface and the sky is the limit.

LED Screens

If you ever fight the brightness battle in your room, then LED might be a viable option. LED can cut through ambient light and stage lighting unlike any projector. Outdoor events during the day become possible with LED walls. Additionally, you can use an LED screen as more than just a screen for lyrics/motions. Put it on the center of your stage and use it as part of your stage design.

LED Content

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, not all content looks great on LED. It’s a different technology from projectors or television screens and thus needs to be treated differently. The biggest rule to remember is that gradients don’t always translate well. Again, that’s a rule and you’ll want to test content.

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Take a look at the content below that would work great on LED!

Black & White Triangle Arrows | TripleWide Media Mowgli 4 | TripleWide Media Blue and pink x patterns | TripleWide MediaTriple Head Lines 8 | TripleWide Media LED Bar 4 | TripleWide Media Wall Cubes | TripleWide MediaCenter Spiral | TripleWide Media Dots 5 | TripleWide Media Blue and Pink Squares | TripleWide MediaStage Glimmer 2 | TripleWide Media Abyss Lighting 3 | TripleWide Media Skrow Erif 3 | TripleWide MediaSquared Off 07 | TripleWide Media Big Blues 5 | TripleWide Media Cubed Sound | TripleWide MediaHud 6 | TripleWide Media Neonline 03 | TripleWide Media Digidrift | TripleWide Media

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