Last Minute Inspiration for Easter

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Inspiration for Easter | TripleWide Media

Last Minute Inspiration for Easter

Finding inspiration for Easter can be a daunting task. How do you make your setup stand out, be relevant, allow first time visitors and regular attendees to feel welcome and engaged all at the same time? How do you create an environment that tells the story in a fresh and compelling way?

We hope that these images below will inspire you to create something amazing this season. The four categories of ideas below are some great options for Easter.

Environmental Projection

One of the most widely used multiscreen setups is our first category: Environmental Projection. We have a wealth of resources on our site from the 4 Ingredients of EP to the Benefits of EP. Take a look at the full category here: Environmental Projection

LEE_0542 IMG_3284

TripleWide Setup

This is where it all began! A triple wide setup comes in a variety of options like the three detailed below. Be creative with the setup. Put the screens right next to each other, turn some on their sides or give them room to breath. This setup create an amazing environment in virtually any room. Learn more here: TripleWide Setups

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IMG_5100 IMG_2693IMG_6121

Edge Blending

Edge blending is a great way to create a massive backdrop for your stage design. Perfect for live video applications and so much more. It allows for amazing depth behind your band and speakers instead of just a simple blank wall. More on edge blending here: Edge Blending

IMG_6023 IMG_3180

Immersive Space

Finally, immersive space. This can span the spectrum from environmental projection to matching lighting and video to utilizing large screens in a fairly small space. The key here is to evaluate your space and be intentional on how you setup your immersive environment.

IMG_2049 IMG_2055Arundel Christian Church - We Are Messengers Concert

Those are just a few ideas to provide you with some inspiration for Easter.

Here are a few setups we have seen done in the past to help fuel your inspiration for Easter. Click on the images to read more about each setup.

TripleWide Easter  Easter EP DesignMarcus Pointe Goes TripleWide  Creating an Environment with ProjectionAn Immersive Easter Environment


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