Last Minute Ideas for Christmas Eve

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Last Minute Ideas for Christmas Eve

Are you ready for your Christmas Eve service? Do you need to come up with a new idea, a creative way to tell your story? Here are four simple last minute ideas for Christmas Eve services to create an amazing environment.

One: White Christmas Lights – Everywhere

Ok, so this one is going to take some work if your room is medium to large, but if you’re in a smaller room (less than 150 seats) then you can easily string up some white Christmas lights all over your room. This will give you the appearance of faux candlelight while keeping the fire department at the station. Focus a soft white light look on stage with Christmas lights over your audience for a beautiful Christmas environment.

Two: Photo Booth

A Photo Booth is something everyone will love for Christmas Eve! Families are going to be dressed up with their children in new Christmas clothes and it’s a perfect opportunity to create something extra special for those in attendance. You can use set pieces, a projection backdrop with simple Christmas media, Christmas trees, and more.

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Three: Turn the Lights Down

You are (hopefully) going to have a lot of visitors on Christmas Eve. I know I will personally be visiting a church I’ve never been to this year. The service can be one of only a handful of times folks are in church. Turning down the lights does two things; first, it minimizes distractions and helps people focus on the intimate environment you’re creating. Second, it allows people to be vulnerable. Your Christmas Eve service is a time for folks to worship, reflect, and be present before the craziness of Christmas morning. Give them that opportunity.

Four: Environmental Projection to Enhance Your Candlelight Service

One thing that I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had the chance to yet is running flickering candles on the walls at the end of the Christmas Eve service to expand the environment for the candle lighting. Whether you have real candles in a circle around your room or electric candles in your rows, you can create something truly powerful by projecting candles on your walls. This is a great opportunity to introduce EP at a powerful moment that no one in the room will ever forget.

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So there are four great last minute ideas for Christmas Eve. If you need more help or ideas, feel free to shoot us a note at [email protected]. We’re here to help!

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