Last Minute Easter Setup Ideas

By March 26, 2018Easter

Last Minute Easter Setup Ideas

Easter week is upon us. Hopefully it hasn’t snuck up on you. But, if it has it’s probably because it’s here 3 weeks earlier than last year. From a planning stand point, 3 weeks is a lot of time to lose. No worries, we have some great last minute Easter setup ideas to help you out.

While you probably can’t put in a full triplewide or environmental projection setup this week, you can do some creative setups within the confines of what you already have. Take a look below at some of the ideas we have seen before and what you can do within your current setup.

The TripleWide Setup

From a basic stand point, the triplewide setup is a classic multiscreen option that can easily be utilized in just about any space. Whether you are edge blending your projectors across one large canvas, or have three spread apart screens, there are a great amount of creative options.

Creative Alternatives

  • Turn your outside screens 90 degrees to create a different aspect ratio. This is especially helpful in smaller spaces that need the impact, but lack the width.
  • Place your screens low on stage to create a digital backdrop for your stage.
  • Use lighting between, outside, and above and/or below your screen to expand your canvas beyond the triplewide setup. (remember to match the color palette with video.)
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Environmental Projection

We have talked in depth about environmental projection. For those who already have EP installed, there can be some ways to create a new environment without going overboard. Consider creative masking to help highlight aspects of your architecture such as stained glass windows, etc. Other ways to add elements could be ceiling projection or placing scenic elements on stage to help highlight the lower portion of your EP setup.

Immersive Space

Regardless of the multiscreen setup you implement this Easter, know that you are crafting a sacred immersive space for all who join you. From environmental projection to digital backdrops, remember that the story you are telling is more important than the manner in which it is told. Your message should be stickier than your media. While people may remember the razzle dazzle for the short term, it’s the message that will last a lifetime. The environments we create are merely vehicles for the message.


Looking for new stage design ideas? We’ll send you our FREE resource with 12 amazing production ideas in it. Click here to download.

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