It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy


It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy

Believe me, some days I wish things were a lot easier than they are. Apparently my wife and I are just crazy, because we decided to add an 11 week old puppy to our household. If you recall, we had a little baby girl just over a year ago.

Crazy, yes! Ha. It’s been a bit more hectic in the house. The puppy, the child, oh yeah, and we already had a cat. Things are definitely not simple. Life has to be a bit more planned out right now. Morning routines have changed, nighttime is a little busier, and they all seem to need attention, and always at the same time.

But it really got me thinking. How often do I wish that we could simply go through the motions, not put in the hard work, late nights, thankless hours, and just float by? I know I feel that way far more than I should.

I think that I’ve finally realized that it’s simply not rewarding to let life happen to you.

So, how do we relate this to ministry, multiscreen, and the tech world we all live in on a daily basis? I think there’s a few ways to work through this and be intentional about the effort that you have to put in day after day.


Insert Intentionality

Firstschedule in distractions. Schedule distractions? Really? Yes!! Schedule time to jump back into your email, social media platforms, and news feeds. I guarantee it will make you more productive in the long run. For me, multitasking was killing my productivity. I’d be doing ten things at once not actually getting anything accomplished. When you categorize or budget out the time during your day, you will be more focused, more productive, and leave the work day with a sense of accomplishment.

Second, do the hard task. We all know the Nike slogan. Just do the hard task. It’s not going to be easy; you’ll more than likely end up frustrated at some point during the process and maybe even make a mess. But the feeling when the hard task on your to-do list is done is a giant sense of accomplishment.

Third, write down your to-do list items. If you’re constantly falling behind, working on too many different items, and always taking your work home, then you need a to-do list. The first item on that list; add all items to your to-do list. Again, we’re looking for short term wins here. Small accomplishments that show progress and achievement throughout the day.

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I’ve worked on enough events, produced enough church services, and sat through enough creative/planning meetings to know how frustrating they can continually be. Maybe you’re the one who can’t get the idea worked out, or you’ve got a teammate who is falling behind, or perhaps the tasks are always on the pending list because no one remembers to write them down and then complete them.

Think through the items you need to accomplish to achieve your next great multiscreen setup. Maybe you’re really wanting to implement environmental projection for Easter. Add to you list the items you need to know, rent, purchase, etc. to move towards that goal. Maybe you’re doing video for a spring tour and you can’t seem to settle in on a creative idea. Set aside time in your schedule to sketch ideas, to peruse Pinterest and other idea curation sites to find inspiration.

Be as intentional about your work as you are about staying up to date on the latest TV craze or Internet meme. It will be worth the effort!


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