Geometric 3D Projection Mapping

By November 14, 2016Monday Mapping

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Geometric 3D Projection Mapping

The coolest thing about projection mapping is watching how different people use it to express a vision that can not be described in words. The mapping project below delivers this unspoken new era vision, to support an ancient tradition. A company by the name of Onionlab created “Axioma” for an annual LLUM BCN lights festival that celebrates Saint Eulalia of Barcelona.

This piece was inspired by the nature of geometric shapes. From different elements such as points, straight lines, and texture, Onionlab births an eye catching projection project. They are known for manipulating 2D images and shapes to create a final glorious 3D presentation. Check out this awesome video below!


Doesn’t this make you want to project onto a wall or something? Here are some good ideas for content that may fit this look/feel:

Black and white content for Projection mapping Projection Mapped forced projection content from TripleWide MediaTripleWide Media Grey Smoke for Projection Mapping TripleWide Media projection mapping geometric shapes
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