Free Journal from TripleWide Media

Free Journal From TripleWide Media!

We’re back with another great Social Media Monday here at TripleWide Media as part of Transform Christmas 14!

Today, we’re giving away 3 Journals! These are a must have for any production staffer, creative, or writer. Keep your thoughts in one place, jot down meeting notes, new ideas, and more.

We’re making this one simple today. We’ve got 3 ways to enter.

Free Journal From TripleWide Media

Already following us on Twitter? No worries, just retweet the tweet above or tweet out the hashtag for more chances to win.

We’ve got a great week in store for you here at TripleWide Media for #TWMxmas14! As we enter the last full week before Christmas, I’m sure you’re mind is full of to do lists, tasks, and worries about the upcoming weekend services, events and productions. Not to mention Christmas Eve services next Wednesday. Be encouraged today that your work is not in vain. Do your best and remember to tell the story well.

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We’re uploading a bunch of new content this week and will be sure to have a full week of blogs, videos, and deals. So stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the know.


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