Free E-Course: Environmental Projection on a Budget

Environmental Projection on a Budget – A Free E-Course

One of our primary missions here at TripleWide Media is to provide our community with resources that further the talents, abilities, and knowledge base of each member. We recently crafted a 30 minute e-course on how to setup environmental projection on a budget. Luke McElroy joined us to help us break down the myths, methods, and technologies involved in setting up and incorporating environmental projection into your environment.

If you have ever wanted to know more about environmental projection, learn how to set  it up, or see how you can get environmental projection in your space within the budget constraints we all know exist, then this resource is for you!

Our goal in providing this, and many more resources, is to help your organizations within any budget, craft an amazing environment. Whether you have a 100 seat room or a 3,000 seat room, this course is perfect for church techs looking to implement environmental projection into their space.

Go beyond just the theory and concept of EP and learn the best practices, technologies, and nuances that make EP amazing.

Additionally, we are providing a step by step guide that goes alongside the video and a 2-page worksheet to help you learn and retain all the information in order to help your whole team take creativity to the next level.

To download this free resource from TripleWide Media, simply fill out the form below and we’ll email you a link to download this resource immediately. Feel free to share this page (instead of the email you get) to friends or on social media!


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