Environmental Projection – The Collision of Modern Technology and Sacred Spaces


Environmental Projection – The Collision of Modern Technology and Sacred Spaces

“Visual worship, creative arts and immersive sacred spaces are nothing new. They’re not simply a trending topic on Twitter, nor have they been recently introduced due to an uptick in technological advancement.

Atmospheric sacred space wasn’t designed to lure in the next generation. Creative arts didn’t emerge to make the church appear relevant. Visuals and art were originally used in the early Church as vehicles for God’s presence, grace, magnificence, mystery and power to be experienced by communities all across the world.”

Excerpt From: Luke McElroy. “Environmental Projection The Collision of Modern Technology and Sacred Spaces

Welcome to the 2016 Environmental Projection Week at TripleWide Media!

Environmental Projection more than just a concept for creating a cool environment. Environmental projection is a unique way to create an immersive worship environment that bridges the gap between the stage and the congregation. It flies in the face of the modern worship setup to bring each person in the room closer to our Creator.

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We have gone through the concept, theory, and implementation of environmental projection in the past. From the basics of setup and choosing the right content through tips and tricks for perfecting your setup, we have all the keys to EP!

This week, we are going to look at a couple different case studies on EP, dive into some advanced topics in order to perfect your EP setup, and how to choose great content to tell the story!

A New Resource for Environmental Projection

Environmental Projection The Collision of Modern Technology and Sacred Spaces is now available on Amazon and iTunes! Luke McElroy (Founder/Owner of TripleWide Media) shares with readers the philosophy, theology, and heartbeat behind environmental projection. More than that, this is an extremely practical, step-by-step guide to setting up Environmental Projection.


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