Engineering Easter

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Engineering Easter

Engineering Easter is more than simply adjusting settings, moving faders, and triggering the next track. To really get going, we’ve got to embrace the blank sheet of paper, the empty playlist, and the new psd file with that single locked background.

Start with Story

As you are looking at what visual elements you need to add for your Easter services and events, always start with Story. What is it you are focusing on this year? It could be the Road to Calvary, The Tomb, The Resurrection, or the Liturgy of Easter. Once you know the story, or focus, you can dig in and curate the visual content you need.

The Resurrection | TripleWide Media Liturgy of Easter | TripleWide Media The Tomb | TripleWide Media The Road to Calvary | TripleWide Media

Manage your Media

As we’ve said before, content is only as good as what you can find. Take the time now to put your media together in a manner that allows you to quickly and easily find what you need. We all know how many times your pastor or worship leader will make a change on Sunday morning. It’s up to you to know your content library inside and out. Knowing your library will make those last minute changes so much easier to handle.

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Understand your Software

Spend the time before the big event to understand your software. More than simply understanding what it does and the basic functionality, you need to dig into your presentation software to make it an extension of your hands. Easter morning is not the time to test drive a new software. However, it can be a great opportunity to use something new. Just take the time before hand to become an expert user. It’s worth the extra time now to avoid the headaches later.

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Plan for the Unexpected

Either something unexpected will pop up or something will go wrong. That’s ok. The important part is to have a plan in place if things should go awry. What happens if your presentation software crashes? Will your screens turn into your desktop or simply a black screen? Anticipate what could go wrong and come up with a plan to adjust to those issues should they arise.


Easter is over. Your 36 services, productions, and special events have come and gone. Before you move on to the next Sunday or Wednesday night service, spend time with your team evaluating what you were able to accomplish. Beyond simply the technical aspects of your Easter productions, dig into how your team worked together, what challenges you faced (whether anticipated or a surprise,) and most importantly, how your congregation responded.

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Were you able to effectively communicate the story through your visuals? Did your video and lighting teams work in sync to avoid creating a clashing atmosphere that could be a major distraction?

So, there you have it. 5 straight forward steps to ensure that you have everything you need for engineering Easter. How are you planning your services? What questions do you have? Feel free to reach out to us, we’d love to ensure you have everything you need to create an amazing atmosphere.

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