DIY Tip #1: Keep it Simple

DIY Tip #1: Keep it Simple | TripleWide Media

DIY Tip #1: Keep it Simple

How often do you come up with a fun, cool, creative idea and feel that DIY is the way to go? Now, how often does it actually come to fruition? How often do you get half way through and realize it could have just been simple?

I get it. You want everything to be great, to be amazing, to have great polish and style. Remember, complexity adds potential for problems. Simple doesn’t mean bad. It means you can make a quality, finished product without added stress. This is especially great for beginners to consider. A quality simple product will be much better than a complex project with flaws.

To demonstrate, we took two ultra short throw projectors and demonstrated some simple window projection. We left a very thin light colored curtain on the window to give the projection a faux rear projection screen surface. From there, it was a small amount of alignment and masking to be sure the two windows looked great.

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Running ProPresenter with an SD single wide image, we were able to transform the front of the house simply. Think about what you could do with this type of setup for your store front, lobby, or your own house. (Don’t forget every product we have on TripleWide comes in SD single-wide as well.)


Want to take it a bit further? Check out what we’ve done in the past with projection!

Here’s the finished product.


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DIY Tip#1: Keep it Simple

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