DIY Projection Surface #4: Bamboo Fencing

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We set out on a trip to Home Depot to find 5 items that we could use as creative, DIY projection surfaces. Oh, and we only had $50 to spend. We came back with 5 great options that we are super excited to share with you. There are a range of creative products and options that we found and the ones that made our budget are so fun!

DIY Projection Surface #4: Bamboo Fencing

Don’t overlook the lawn and garden section when trying to get creative for projection ideas. We had no idea what, if anything we would find, but I think we struck gold. After about 45 seconds we came across a large section of Bamboo Fencing just perfect for creating an amazing environment. The best part is the fencing came in a solid “sheet” that was pretty close to a 16:9 ratio. Super easy to work with and able to implement without a lot of customization. Have a small space and want to go triple wide? Grab 3 and boom, done. Take a look at the video below and see how you can use projection and lighting with this DIY projection surface.

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Come back each day this week as we explore the rest of our list. Don’t worry, pallets won’t be one of them! While a great option for DIY stage design, we wanted to see what else is out there that can be used effectively in a projection environment.

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