Curated Christmas Content – Away In a Manger

For today’s installment of Curated Christmas Content, we are going to raise the energy level by a few notches! Today I found some great visuals by one of the newest producers on our site, MotionLoops, to go with the song “Away In a Manger” by Folk Angel, featuring Charlie Hall. This song might be used as an energetic opener to a service this Christmas season.



Intro & First Verse

This song has a bouncy, synth heavy opening. To go along with this, I chose Toolkit 123. The rotating triangles fit with the video game like music. For the first verse, I kept with the high contrast geometric theme by choosing Toolkit 148. This clip has fun rotating squares that match extremely well with the music.


Toolkit 123 | TripleWide Media

Toolkit 148 | TripleWide Media


Synth Riff’s & Verse Two

In between verses one and two, the music returns to the same synth riff as the opener. Since this is acting as a buffer between verses one and two, I did not want to use the same rotating geometric look as before. This time I went with Toolkit 179 which looks like blue light coming from behind black boxes. We then move into a slightly bigger and more rounded geometric look for verse two with Toolkit 155.

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Toolkit 179 | TripleWide Media


Toolkit 155 | TripleWide Media



Following the second verse, the song moves into a bridge and away from the bouncy feel that has been present since the beginning. For this bridge, I changed things up a bit and used Vision Edges 1, adding yellow to my color palette for the song. We then move back into the synth riff and Toolkit 179 again.

Vision Edges 1 | TripleWide Media


Verse Three & Ending

Verse three has the same feel as the first two verses, which led me to use Toolkit 172, which has a bunch of squares bouncing similar to the shapes from the first two verses. This verse cuts back to the bridge again. For this round of the bridge, I used Vision Edges 2. This clip is very similar to the one used in the first bridge, but is a little brighter and more energetic. I ended the song out with Toolkit 106 reminding me of blinking lights.

Toolkit 172 | TripleWide Media


Vision Edges 2 | TripleWide Media


Toolkit 106 | TripleWide Media

For all of the VJ Toolkit clips that I used, I slowed them down to 73%. This made them seem like they were made for this song!

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Year Round Content

Something else to note from the content that I used for this song — none of this content was made to be Christmas content. This means that you could find ways to reuse the content throughout the year!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Curating Christmas Content and we will see you next week!



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