Creative Projection Options

Creative Projection Options

Are you wanting to find some creative projection options? We get it, some days you walk in the room, take a look at the setup and just need a change. Whether you’re running single screen, environmental projection, or a doublewide edge blend, or LED strip tape, reaching the moment you want or need something fresh or new is inevitable.

We talked in our last blog about the process for choosing your next multiscreen stage design. As we go deeper into that concept, we want to look at the technology portion today, specifically in regards to projection options.

We’re going to make a couple of assumptions here. First, you already have multiple projectors at your disposal. Second, you have a multiscreen processor in your inventory. Third, you have access to the largest library of multiscreen stock media anywhere.

Creative Projection Option 1 – TripleWide

Go back to where it all started. If you haven’t been running a TripleWide (3 screen) setup, then this is a great option. Regardless of the projectors and screens you have (4:3 or 16:9) you can easily line three screens up next to each other and create a simple, but effective multiscreen environment.

What we love about the TripleWide setup is variety of options this one setup gives you. Think about it…what could you do with three screens? Place them together side by side, push them apart, even stack them tall. Use screens of varying sizes and map your screens to craft one on TripleWide setup that is unique from most anything else you’ve seen.

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The idea here is to take something that you are using regularly and put a spin on it to create a different look.

Creative Projection Option 2 – Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is different than environmental projection in that it goes beyond mapping to your walls and incorporates and enhances scenic and architectural elements in your room.

The best part of this option is that you can project onto literally anything. Whether you have some stretch fabric, set flats, pallets, or more, align your projector to it, mask map (or mask) your projector to the object, and throw up your content. You can create some amazing looks. I love the idea of using boxes or stretch fabric and they can both be really pliable to create what you want with just a bit of creativity (and some tape.)

Creative Projection Option 3 – Environmental Projection

If you have never done environmental projection, you really should try it at least once. EP can work in pretty much any room. Of course bigger rooms will either require more or brighter projectors. However, this is where textures can be more subtle, which means you can easily get away with a projector that doesn’t seem to have quite enough pop. Environmental projection should feel like paint on the walls. It’s an element that should help to transform your space into a different environment. Whether that is turning a modern warehouse type space into a gothic cathedral or transforming your room into a rainforest, EP is amazing. The projection surrounds the congregation and enables you to create a limitless amount of environments.

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Creative Projection Option 4 – Asymmetric Projection

Sometimes you have to think outside the box. One of the biggest boxes we seem to live in is designing our setups symmetrically. This is absolutely not a bad thing, but when you want to make a statement, create a focal point, or bring a new measure of intentionality to your design, then crafting an asymmetrical design can craft a truly unique environment.

Take a look at the three pics below. Asymmetrical Projection setups can be done in a variety of manners. Utilizing letters can make a blog statement. You would still need screens for lyrics, etc. but this provides a focal point that draws the eye in. The abstract poly design used for one of the main sessions at SALT15 was one of my favorite designs from that year. The combination of the polygons, projection, and LED elements was simply stunning to see in person.

Orange Conference Behind the Scenes 4

We hope these 4 creative projection options will help you think outside the box and reimagine what your environment could look like. When you have the core components of one multiscreen setup, you really can take those elements and move them around to create something new time and time again.

For more ideas and to share what you’re doing, join the Multiscreen Community!

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