Color Combinations for Christmas

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Color Combinations for Christmas | TripleWide Media

Color Combinations for Christmas

If you’ve been following along with TripleWide Media, you know that we are big proponents for finding the right color combinations. Though it’s important all year long, there’s one season that makes color even more vital: Christmas. So here’s our roundup of the best color combinations for Christmas when it comes to visual media, motion backgrounds, live events. Etc.

Before we get started, I need to start with the overarching color combination to AVOID when you’re planning for Christmas: Red & Green.

I know what you’re thinking… Wait, those are the colors of Christmas right? Yes, they are, but they are also the most contrasting colors on the color wheel. In the end just remember this catchy phrase: “Red and Green should never be seen”. When merged together, they create the ugly color of brown, and that’s why it’s so unpleasant to the eye.

Traditionally, the best color combinations are complementary colors. But here are my favorite color combinations for Christmas:

Color Combination #1: Purple and Yellow

Golden Snowflakes | TripleWide Media

Because the story of Christmas is all about the arrival of a very royal and majestic baby, these colors are quite possibly the best to create an atmosphere that will tell that same story. Purple is the color of royalty, and with the color Yellow representing joy, these two colors together celebrate the excitement of a royal presence.

This is also a great color combination for Christmas because of the way they contrast each other. For example, try using the purple for the verses and gold (or yellow) for the chorus, to add a bit of energy to the room for the more energetic parts of a song.

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Color Combination #2: Blue and White

Evening Forest | TripleWide Media

Traditionally considered associated with Hanukkah, Blue and White create that cool, winter-like wonderland atmosphere that is a perfect color combination for Christmas in my opinion. Again, this color combination for Chrismas allows for incredible contrast, while staying clean, simple and cool.

Allow white to be an accent color (with the rest of your media being blue) during a verse, and then alternate the colors (allowing blue to be the accent among your white primary) during a chorus to create that energetic boost!

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Color Combination #3: Purple and Red

Snow on Red Radial Loop | TripleWide Media

Finally, and possibly my favorite color combination for Christmas is Purple and Red. It has this rich saturation, while being complementary colors, and sets you up for a beautiful palette of color to tell that Christmas story.

As we’ve shared before, Red is the color of Love and Purple being the color of royalty and reflection, it begins to tell a great story of the love of our savior, while welcoming the King of Kings among our presence!

Regardless of the media you purchase from TripleWide Media, most of your presentation software allows you to adjust or modify the color of the media. This comes in handy when you’re trying to align the color of your set design (from a lighting perspective) with the color of your media or motion backgrounds. I hope this has helped you find your best color combinations for Christmas as it pertains to your own community.  


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