Cleveland Cavaliers 3D Court Projection Mapping (#78)

By March 31, 2014Monday Mapping

Monday Mapping

Monday Mapping is our series on killer projection mapping projects from across the country and around the world. Whether projecting outside on a building, inside on staging elements, or straight down on a basketball court, we scour the globe to find the best and most creative projection mapping examples to share with you. Today’s feature comes from our friends over at Quince Imaging. We’ve featured their work before and trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy today’s edition of Monday Mapping!

The Details

The team at Quince Imaging brought it for this one! They were gracious enough to share some of the details so that we can share them with you!

  • Projection – 12 – 20,000 lumen Barco HD projectors setup in four quadrants over the court
  • Pixel Density – 3.5 pixels per inch – allowed even those in the front rows to be able to
  • Image Size – 45 * 90 Feet (4,050 square feet –  in comparison an SD 9*36 triplewide screen surface would only be 324 square feet!)
  • Content and Event Production
    • Cavs TV and Media department produced the event and the highlight and historical visual elements
    • Think Media provided the specialty rotoscope content and Quince Imaging built the court effects
    • Quince took all of the pieces and pulled them together including rendering and input of the final content into the media services and ultimately projecting all the content onto the floor
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