Choosing the Right Motions for EP

Choosing the Right Motions for EP (Environmental Projection) makes a big difference in how you create and transform an environment. Utilizing EP is a fantastic way to take people on a journey, enhance your story, and visualize the message. There are 5 basics to consider when choosing the right content for EP.

Speed - Subtle Speaks


While still images can evoke an amazing amount of emotion and is a great place to start with EP, the right speed for a motion can enhance the impact of your setup. Subtle motion is key with environmental projection. Too fast can be overwhelming. However, motions should be consistent and build on one another. Finally, they should match the speed and tone of the song or moment that you are using them in your service.




As we have said many times before, EP should feel like paint on the wall. It’s a supporting element, not the star of the show. That being said, if the content is too light, difficult to see, or doesn’t translate well in your room, you will add more distractions than anything.

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How do you overcome this? Look for content with good contrast in the composition. Even with lower lumen projection, you can overcome this and create a great environment if you use media with higher contrast elements.


Environment through Imagery

Environment (Imagery):

Your message must be stickier than you media. This is never more important than with EP. Think about the song you are seeing, the message being shared, or the environment that you are aiming to create when you choose your motions and footage. Cityscapes, forests, sunsets, mountain ranges, and ocean views can take you anywhere around the world in a single click. Don’t overlook the power of a stunning landscape composition.




If you aren’t using imagery to transform your room into different environments, consider using textural elements to your EP setup. Textures come in many varieties and styles. Don’t think of texture as just a rough edge, but as an element that can create depth and balance in your room.



At the end of the day, we know it’s all about the content you can use in your environments. We have curated the best motions, stills, footage, titles, and countdowns anywhere and want to give you a taste of what we have to offer! Sign up today to receive a selection of our free motion backgrounds with no strings attached. All you need is an email address to get started. Click here to download.

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