An Image for The Church

An image for the Church

As I’ve been preparing for our team to open the doors of our 12th SALT gathering over the past 6 years, I decided to take a moment and create a few images to help the local church create a sense of sanctuary in our worship gatherings. The theme to this year’s conference is called “It’s never just another Sunday, it’s always Someone’s Sunday.”

It’s a reminder that every week counts. Every single planning session matters. Every prayer is heard. And every soul is important to Jesus, because it’s always someone’s Sunday in some way, shape, or form.

So when I wanted to create as a response to this theme, I thought about the church environment that I am rarely involved in. Maybe I’d be able to recreate a series of images that would evoke a response for all sorts of generations. So I started thinking about my 90 year old grandfather. Growing up in a more traditional sense, I wanted to bring the beauty of stained glass images and cathedrals into the modern era with environmental projection and LED Video surfaces.

It was after my first image that I realized something fairly profound…

What if stained glass on an LED Wall would connect the generations that have fought and griped about the other’s style of worship?
What if art connected and healed the wounds of multiple generations?
What if this art could be SALT in our community?

SALT that heals.
SALT that flavors.
SALT that preserves.
SALT that causes thirst.

An image for the church.

What if we could be the SALT and LIGHT that Jesus talked about in Matthew chapter 5 with the giftedness in our lives?

It was this heartbeat and conviction, that propelled me to design the set of images that I recently released. What you’ll find is a collection of beautiful stained glass, cathedral and sacred imagery from around the world, as we use creativity, art, media and technology to help people in your community (of all walks of life) experience the presence of Jesus Christ.

Check out the entire collection of 14 HD Triple Wide graphics here.

If you’re interested in joining us at SALT18, the creative conference I was talking about at the beginning, then I’d recommend you clicking here to get all the details. (Also, check out the 40+ workshops we’ve got planned this year.)

Immersive Stained Glass Imagery Set from Luke McElroy
Immersive Stained Glass Imagery Set from Luke Mcelroy
Immersive Stained Glass Imagery Set from Luke Mcelroy
Luke McElroy

Author Luke McElroy

Luke McElroy is the founder of Orange Thread Media, the parent company to TripleWide Media, SALT Conferences and Orange Thread LIVE. He is the author of The Wide Guide: Blueprint for the Multiscreen Movement. Hailed as one of the “top innovators for worship” by Worship Leader Magazine in 2013, Luke’s leadership has helped create powerful worship environments for thousands of Church communities throughout the entire world. He currently lives in Nashville, TN and regularly writes about creativity, leadership and faith at 

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