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All About Atmosphere

When you look at your particular sanctuary, venue, or room, what do you see? Does the room simply evoke the atmosphere you are trying to create or does it take lighting, visuals, and scenic elements/stage design to create the atmosphere you are trying to achieve?

Creating the right atmosphere can be tricky. Where do you start? Lighting? Video? Music? Set design? Those are all logical places to go. I would recommend determining your color palate you want to work with.  That will help guide your lighting set and then into choosing media.

Christmas is a great time to try something new and create a unique environment. Normally you can get extra budget funds, more creative freedom, and time to craft a truly amazing atmosphere.


If you want to tell a great story you need to have the right setting to tell that story. More than that your room needs to be inviting. I was working an event one time and we received a few complaints that the room felt a little stuffy. Instead of adjusting the thermostat, we adjusted the color of the lights from a warmer orange tone to a blue. Everyone was happy. So, let’s get into a few key areas for creating an amazing atmosphere.


Video is a great place to start because it involves color, motion, story, and creativity all in one package. Video will play a big role with your set design which we’ll touch on next, but there are countless options for video today. From environmental projection, to multiscreen setups, to projection mapping, or single screens, video is an integral part of events today.

Visuals matter – especially in the world we live in today. From the moment we wake up to you put your phone down at the end of the day and turn out the lights, media, images, messages, and visuals are constantly bombarding our senses. It’s natural in this day and age to play into this and use visuals in a powerful way.

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With the tools at our disposal, it’s easier than ever to create a powerful immersive environment. If you’re using environmental projection and want to keep using it but add to it, consider incorporating some scenic elements to create focus and depth. Similar to what the team at Orange Thread Live was able to do a couple weeks ago at an event up in Indy.


They incorporated environmental projection with projection mapping the mountains and running a triple wide wall across the back of the stage to create a stunning environment. This was accomplished using a combination of ProVideo Player and Mad Mapper to create the scenes, mask, pixel map, and merge it all together.

Set Design

Set design is more than just placing your musicians and a backdrop on stage. As I mentioned above, video can mix in with set design quite well. Christmas is a natural time for set pieces, stage setups, and scenic elements to be added that are not normally a part of your stage on a weekly basis. Take a look at your story and see what elements would be good to incorporate with your setup. As you can see in the image above, when  you take an amazing projection setup and add relevant scenic elements you can create some great wow moments!



Lighting is what ties everything together. As much as we love and talk about video, lighting is a huge piece of making video amazing. Too much light washes everything out, too little like can make things awkward. I’ve seen some amazing productions come crashing down once lighting is fired up because there was no prep, planning, or communication.

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I’m not a lighting guy, but I know when lighting isn’t done well. You’ll have hot spots, inconsistencies, lack of focal points, and video and scenic elements that get completely washed out. We’ve talked about this before, but be sure to build in time to your schedule to let lighting and video work together to walk through cues and scenes to be sure everything matches. Remember to match your lighting colors to your videos to ensure you don’t work against one another.

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