Advanced ProPresenter Tips | TripleWide MediaOne of the pieces of software that I’m sure many of you use on a weekly basis, if not daily, is ProPresenter. It’s always fun to read from other users what their advanced ProPresenter tips are, and we thought we’d try our hand at it as well! This fantastic software from Renewed Vision is sure to make your presentations seem cleaner, look better, and playback with fluidity between the various elements of a service.

We thought it would be fun to highlight a few features that would transition you from a basic user to a power user with these advanced ProPresenter tips:

Tip 1: Command + Zero (or Control + Zero on a PC)

If you’re an advanced user of ProPresenter, then you must be a fan of their Stage Display. But did you know you could send a series of slides to just the stage display by first typing in ‘Command + 0’ (zero button)? Once you hit this, whatever slides you click, will only show up on the stage display. Use this for a worship special song you don’t want slides to show up on  your main screens, or to just show the speaker on stage a head start on the next slide.

To stop sending files to the stage display and start sending them to both again, simply hit ‘Command + 0’ again and you’re back in business. Have a PC? Then just make sure you’re using the ‘Control + 0’ configuration instead of command.

Tip 2: Automate your Walk In Loop

Have you ever noticed that your slides change every week for your walk-in loop and yet? What if you could automate it? Well I have before! You’ll need a cloud based folder (think dropbox that is synced to your computer, google drive, or even a server that your organization has access to) along with the Scheduler app (within ProPresenter 6) and you’re set to go.

Create a folder on your cloud drive called “walk in slides” or something, and then when you save your files, number them ‘1.jpg’, ‘2.jpg’ etc. This way when you want to change that christmas slide to a new year’s slide, you just replace the file on the cloud. Pro will play whatever that file is.

Second, if you want to take this to another level, setup a schedule (using ProPresenter’s Scheduler) to play that presentation or slideshow at the exact time you open doors. This way if you’re in the green room praying with your team, or running to starbucks real quick, it will still play for you!  (One thing to note on this tip: You can’t have ProPresenter set to “manage your media automatically” or the cloud idea won’t work).

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Tip 3: How to Never Lose Your Mouse again

I’ve been in countless events before where the mouse is frantically being moved around on the big screen (not your control screen, but the presentation screen) and causes a massive distraction. You’ve probably seen this yourself, or it’s happened yourself. And everyone now is laughing because a cursor is flying around the screen, often unbeknownst to the speaker.

What if there was a keystroke that fixed this problem? Well this is exactly what the TWM advanced ProPresenter tips post is for! Simply hit ‘Option + M’ and your mouse will magically appear in the exact center of your control screen (the screen you can see all the controls of ProPresenter) and you’ll never have to frantically look for your mouse again!

Tip 4: Option Button + Editor v2

One of the most popular tips we shared in an earlier post I wrote on ProPresenter Tips you probably didn’t know about was the famous ‘Option + Enter’ command that will move text to a new slide and virtually “split” your slide in two. But in our advanced ProPresenter Tips we’ll have to take it up a notch.

What if you have a line of text that you don’t want to create a new slide with but simply move everything past your cursor onto the next line? Highlighting it all, then going to Edit > Cut, then going to the next slide, placing your cursor at the beginning of the slide and then going to Edit > Paste, simply is too long! (it was even long for me to type out!)

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Now just hit ‘Option + Shift + Return’ and everything after your cursor will disappear and magically appear on the next slide!

And just like that you’ll go from basic ProPresenter operator status to seasoned veteran and you’ll be the magician in your next event that everyone wants to learn something from.

What advanced ProPresenter Tips have we forgotten here?

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