The Triple TripleWide

A Triple TripleWide

Working with Orange Thread Live, we recently had the opportunity to work on a local event here in Nashville. The client wanted to have a place in the lobby to display social media posts from the conference.

Wanting to come up with a creative solution that showcased and displayed the media in a unique way, that’s where the Triple TripleWide came into play. This is a setup we have been itching to try for a bit and finally had the opportunity.



Do you want to learn more about multiscreen? We have an exclusive video series on setting up and configuring the DataPathX4 for multiscreen and environmental projection. This is the swiss army knife you need to get started. Click here to download.

The Specifics

Using ProVideoPlayer and ProPresenter we were able to map each of the 9 monitors we were using to create custom templates for different cues. The total mapped output was 3840*2160 across the 9 monitors.

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Combining PVP and ProPresenter gave us the most flexibility to run all outputs individually and simultaneously with the best control.

Next, we ran our playlist from PVP using ProPresenter on a separate computer to control the Twitter feed. Using multiple computers with the multiple outputs gave us the highest level of stability.

For the display, we needed 9 unique outputs. Using two DataPathX4’s plus an extra output from the Mac Pro.

Here’s some pics of the PVP output layers.


The Final Setup

Gear List

  • 4K 3840×2160 display built from 9x 27” monitors.
  • Processing: Mac Pro trashcan and PVP2, 2x Datapath X4.
  • Content: TripleWide Media, Custom graphics, Twitter feed via ProPresenter 6.
  • Twitter integration: Twitter feed into custom template in Pro6 running on a Mac Mini, outputting into PVP on the Mac Pro though a BlackMagic Ultrastudio 4K.
If you’re interesting in learning more about doing a setup like this, feel free to email us! Check out the other setups we’ve done and featured on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

TripleWide Media Content Used:

Block Art Diagonal

Block Art Diagonal | TripleWide Media
Block Art Electric | TripleWide Media
Block Art Marquee | TripleWide Media
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