6 Keys for a Successful Easter Service

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6 Keys for a Successful Easter Service

It’s time to being planning and preparation for Easter. From choosing your technical setups to determining the media that goes alongside your environment, each day brings us closer to Easter Sunday. Have you begun thinking about what you are going to do this year? Have you been staring at a to do list without the clarity on where to start or what should take priority? We’re here to hep From the basics to the most intricate elements, this is your starting point for Easter prep.

1 – Spring Cleaning

Ok, we all know what happens during the course of the year. You add new tech, volunteers come and go, stages, front of house…it all gets messy. Maybe it’s not messy, but cluttered. Maybe you just have more than you need. Take the opportunity as you prepare for Easter to strip away anything that you don’t need for Easter. This will enable you to have a clean slate as your prepare for Easter.

2 – Service your Systems

After spring cleaning, this is a great time to service your audio, video, and lighting systems. Re-lamp your projectors, check lighting bulbs, tune your system. These steps will help ensure your gear is at optimum working order. There’s nothing worse than when a piece of your system hiccups or worse, goes down in the middle of a service, let alone on Easter Sunday. Take the time now to prepare your gear well.

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3 – Plan Now

If you haven’t started, start now. Easter Sunday is a big opportunity to create an environment that speaks to those who only come to church one or two times a year. Leave an impression with them that is lasting. But, how do you really start  the planning process? Sit down with your pastor and leadership team to see their direction and how you can create an environment that speaks into the vision.

4 – Be Intentional

As you begin your planning and preparation, intentionality is paramount to your success. Don’t simply implement technology or creativity without having a reason behind it. If all you are creating is smoke and mirrors, people will see right through that. Technology is amazing and help can create memorable moments and environments if used effectively and intentionally.

5 – Script your Service

I used to work a lot of NCAA basketball games. We had a script for each and every game. This ran down each moment, timeout, intro, outro, etc. Take the time to script your service from the moment you open doors until the system gets turned off. Scripting doesn’t mean you lose the ability to feel the spirit or have freedom to flow as needed. It does mean that you have a plan and you can stay on track. The script will help you keep your service moving, provide direction and clarity and give you the ability to move to the next point if you need to adjust on the fly.

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6 – Rehearse Transitions

If there is anything you add to your Easter rehearsals on top of the worship elements, it needs to be transitions. A fumbled transition can ruin a moment. Whether you’re coming out of a powerful time of worship, transitioning from or to announcements, or trying to wrap your service, knowing and having rehearsed these transitions will make services flow smoothly.

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