6  Creative LED Uses

LED technology continues to grow and change in what seems almost daily. With that, we’ve seen a bunch of innovative and creative uses of LED. From strip tape to walls, curtains to shapes, LED can create so many things for your environments. Here are 6 creative LED uses you should take a look at and consider for your next setup.

We scoured the web for you in order to bring these great ideas together. Take a look at this list and have some fun with your set designs.

Diffused LED Tape

LED Strip Tape can be extremely bright. Some times you may avoid using it when mixed with other mediums do to potentially overpowering the rest of your design. That’s where diffusion can come into play. I love the example here of how Christ’s Church in Jacksonville took LED tape and placed it behind diffusion panels to soften the light and provide a great effect for their stage design. See the full article on ChurchStageDesignIdeas.com.

Framing Screens

Similar to the diffused panels previously mentioned, you can create screen frames using LED strip tape, diffusion panels, and some creativity. This is something you can do quite simply. Using some simple framing materials, styrofoam, and strip tape, make your screens pop. More info here.

Another option is to create a grid similar to that from SALT13. Using 1*1 frames, with a thin cloth facade and a ring of strip tape in the middle, they were able to not only light the squares with the tape, but also used the grid to projection map. A killer look for the first year of the conference.

Shapes & Patterns

Design comes in many shapes and sizes. Using RGB LED strip tape, you can create a multitude of looks for your stage. By running video across it, the options become unless. Take the time to map your different lines of tape and patterns in order to create multiple shapes and patterns. Here are a couple of cool examples:

Open Geometry

Hillsong Mt. Zion

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You might not use this in your services and events, but definitely should consider it for your lobbies, homes, and offices. LED Wallpaper and ceiling tiles. Think Hue lights and the control they give you. How many times do you wish you had better lobby lighting. Tired of those awful fluorescent lights that give everyone a headache and tinge everything a hue of green? Take control of your lighting/atmosphere the moment your audience steps in the door. Here are a few cool ideas.


LED Tubes

Another option for LED is LED Tubes. Using small plastic tubes (similar in visuals to a fluorescent tube,) placing LED strip tape inside will give you a great effect and glow. Again, map your tubes or address them in your lighting console for full control. This is a great way to expand your screens. Here’s some details of how one church did just that: Tube Drop

LED Colums

Finally, LED columns. This combines some of the above ideas (Tubes, Framing, Shapes) but puts them on a bigger scale. These are great to go around a single center screen or to use in a staggered manner to add depth and width to your design. Check out the concept here.

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