5 Keys to Prepare Your Team for Christmas


I love cooking. It’s fun, relaxing, and a great way to spend time with my wife.

One definitive thing I’ve learned in the kitchen; prep is important.

Honestly, you’d laugh at the number of times I’ve scrambled around the kitchen looking for ingredient after ingredient while the butter burns in the pan. And of course, right there I’ve got to stop and start over, wasting the time I should have simply spent prepping my ingredients. It’s frustrating, but it happens time and time again.

However, when I do things right and spend the time to prep the ingredients, the dish comes together seamlessly and in a much more timely manner.

How many times have you rushed to put together a service last minute and it just failed?  I think we’ve all been there. Time gets away from you, deadlines come and go, your to do list just sits idly on your desk as other items get pushed to the top and the prep work gets dropped down to the bottom.

So, how do we get ready for events?


Here’s our 5 Keys to Prepare Your Team

  • Communication 
    • Lack of communication will setup any team for failure. No matter how many superstars you’ve got, if you aren’t communicating regularly with each other, then you’ll continue to spin your wheels from one idea to the next time after time without anything to show for your efforts. Determine how best your team communicates and practice it regularly. Maybe it’s a team meeting, maybe it’s a group text or email thread or a shared online document. Find what works for you and stick to it. Good, consistent communication will overcome most of the problems you’re facing on your team.
  • Curation
    • We’ve talked about curation a lot before. It’s on this list because it’s just that important. I won’t rehash all if them here, but be sure to check out this post for great tips on How to Curate Great Ideas.
  • Challenge
    • Take time to challenge the ideas. More often that not, the first idea you come up with won’t be the best. Most of the time it’s just a bad idea. So challenge the ideas. This is the key to making the ideas better; to finding that one perfect idea that will transform your community and environment.
  • Look Outside the Team
    • Inspiration lies everywhere. Spend time looking at what others are doing. Don’t copy them, but be inspired. Figure out a way to see how someone outside your team is transforming environments and what you can learn from that experience.
  • Make a Decision
    • I’ve been in a lot of groups and part of a bunch of teams that could never make a final decision. The meetings were full of great ideas, but nothing truly got accomplished. Be sure that at the end of your meeting that you’ve got a decision. It doesn’t have to be a final decision. It could simply be a call to action with a plan to regroup at an appointed time. Just be sure to leave your meeting with something concrete that all parties know is the next step. This will rule out confusion and alleviate wasted time.


Is your team ready for Christmas?

Let us know what your team is doing to prepare for Christmas. What strategies does your team implement when preparing for the next service or event? Share with the multiscreen community on Facebook and Twitter!

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