5 Great Fonts for Worship

We get a lot of the questions from the community asking what are great fonts to go with for visual worship. While I wouldn’t say that there is a hard, set rule for a particular font choice, there are some key elements to look for and others to avoid.

The biggest rule for font choice is readability. From the front row to the back row; from center stage to the end of the aisles, each person needs to have a fair shot at being able to read and follow along with during the service. A cool, hip font that may make for a killer design, can be really hard to read from a position off-center. In order to avoid this, always spend some time putting your lyrics on the screens and walking your space (especially when making a big change or trying a new font.) This will allow you to get a feel for what it looks like in the room and not just on your 15″ monitor.

We have to go beyond simply what looks cool and realize that we as visual artists or board operators are part of the worship team. It’s just as much our responsibility to engage our congregants in worship as it is the worship leader or senior pastor. There’s not better time to update your visuals and reevaluate how you run lyrics than at Easter. You’ll have more people in your seats and more eyes on your screens than at most any other time of year. Make it memorable and engaging for every person.

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Font choices, or rather, bad font choices can make it a big challenge for folks to engage in worship. Take the time to review your fonts, lyrics, word placement, spacing, etc. to ensure that everyone can easily follow along with the lyrics. We’ll talk more later this week on some tips for creating great slide designs.

Below are some examples of different motions with our top 5 fonts for visual worship. While we love all these fonts, some work better with different types of content, song choice, etc.

TripleWide Media’s Top 5 Fonts for Visual Worship

  1. Myriad Pro Bold

    • <
  2. Helvetica Bold

    • <
  3. Dominican

    • <
  4. Dakota Handwriting

    • <

    • <


Did we miss any? What are you go to fonts? How do you test your setup to keep it fresh and easy to read?

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